flexible impression

Our vast experience in flexible packaging allows us to offer the market customized solutions with the material structure that best meets the needs of each type of product.

Supply of flexible material on the reel and also of Doy Packs and Flat Bags already formed, with zipper, if necessary.

Printing technologies

To respond to any type of print run and quality, our group can print flexible packaging in 4 different technologies: full HD flexography (Portugal), digital (Spain), offset (Spain) and gravure (Spain).Latest generation machines.

Structures and markets

We serve the most different markets, with a strong food market component.We have developed and tested more than 300 structures for more than 100 different uses.

Solventless lamination

In compliance with the strict rules for the use of food packaging, PentaAdhesiv laminates duplex and triplex films with solvent-free technology, allowing food contact without risk of contamination.


With high-performance slitters, up to 600 meters per minute, we substantially reduce the last stage in flexible packaging production.